Process management: your digital disruption survival plan.

  • In this fast-paced and informative discussion, three leading experts on business process management will explore the right methods and capabilities that make difference between success and failure with enterprise process management initiatives. Discussed will be how the pressures of digital disruption hasten the need for well understood business processes, yet why so many firms struggle to accurately define them (and kept them accurate).

    Through a combination of best practices and case study examples, the presenters will demonstrate both what works, as well as where to find and how to avoid the most challenging pitfalls of process management. This discussion will include a candid description of the state of process management. This discussion will include a candid description of the state of process management in most organizations today, and the hidden dangers presented by Visio and Excel.

    You will learn:

    - What every Business Analyst needs to know about process management
    - Key pitfalls to avoid for managing process variants
    - How to drive greater organizational agility with process standardization
    - The truth about low-code platforms and stakeholder engagement
    - How to enable enterprise standardization while supporting localized process differences
    - How to inject lean methods into enterprise process management initiatives 


Nathaniel Palmer,

Rated as the #1 most influential thought leader in business process management (BPM) by independent research, Nathaniel Palmer is recognized as one of the early originators of BPM, and has led the design for some of the industry's largest scale and most complex projects involving investments of $200 million or more.

Lloyd Dugan,

Lloyd Dugan is widely recognized thought leader in the development and use of leading modeling languages, methodologies, and tools. He has developed and delivered process modelling training to a large number of public and private sector firms, and is an active contributor to BSPism and the Business Architecture Guild.

Ivan Seselj, Promapp

Ivan Seselj is the Founder and CEO of Promapp, a global provider of business process management software. Ivan's experience and passion for helping teams engage and improve their business processes and performance, he has helped hundreds of organizations around the world develop and foster a positive improvement culture.

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