How JE Dunn empowered front-line staff to own and improve their business processes

  • JE Dunn Construction is the 23rd largest domestic general building contractor in the United States, with offices in 20 locations.

    To achieve their vision of being an indispensable business partner to their clients, JE Dunn implemented a best practice approach to process improvement across their organization.

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    - Gained organizational support for their business process management efforts

    - Equipped front-line staff to build and manage processes

    - Prioritized critical operational processes

    - Implemented a phased BPM build

    - Increased speed of process builds by a factor of 10

    - Increased process improvement rate by 375%.

Guest Presenters: Matt Spears & Matt Wendel

Matt Spears Head Shot_350pxls.jpg       Matt Wendel Head Shot_350pxls.jpg

Matt Spears                                          Matt Wendel

Spears and Wendel have both worked at JE Dunn for 13 years with each spending 10 years in construction operation roles. During their experience in operations, they both recognized the value in having simple and accessible business processes to help reduce the often-heavy burden placed on front line operators. Leveraging this experience in operations and their passion for improving the work experience, they have spent the last two years transforming the way JE Dunn manages and optimizes their business processes.

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