Building a Compelling Case for Process Improvement

One of the hardest parts of bringing business process improvement (BPI) to life in an organization can be building a compelling case to get the imitative up and running. 
  • Global process improvement thought leader, Craig Reid provides a structured approach to building a compelling case for business process improvement (BPI) that will get staff at all levels of the organisation involved and motivated to make the change a success.

    Get a practical 9-step guide that will help Process Professionals, Change Managers and Programme Managers gain buy-in to a programme of organisational change.

    Watch this webinar to learn the 9-step pathway to building a compelling case, including:

    1. Linking BPI to strategy
    2. Understanding the organisational landscape
    3. Engaging with influencers
    4. Defining key messages 
    5. Planning communications
    6. Quantifying benefits
    7. Finding a "process nugget"
    8. Maintaining visibility
    9. Selling success 

Guest Presenter: Craig Reid

Craig Reid

CEO, The Process Improvement Group

Craig Reid is an international keynote speaker and consultant specialising in Business Process and Customer Experience Improvement. He came to be recognised globally as a Business Process thought leader through his blog, 'The Process Ninja' and has been named several times as one of the top process bloggers in the world. He works with some of the world's leading organisations via his Sydney-based consultancy, The Process Improvement Group.

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