Making process improvement sustainable.

A practical approach to making improvement everyone's job, everyday.

IT Transformations and process re-engineering projects are long, arduous and expensive endeavors that can yield dramatic operational improvement. But what happens when the dust clears? Does your organization manage its processes to maintain and extend excellence? Or does "To Be" process documentation go into the electronic shelf until the next project. 
  • Sustaining operational excellence isn't about technology, it's about culture. Your people need the tools and motivation to use processes as the backbone for learning, improving, sharing and managing ongoing performance.

    Paul King, Founder of Orion Development Group shares recommendations on how organizations can create best practice management practices and a culture that leverages sustainable process excellence.

    Learn how to:

    - Convert process maps into "living" documents that promote best practices.
    - Elicit continuous improvement ideas from motivated employees.
    - Leverage process capabilities for ongoing strategic success.
    - Train new employees and share knowledge throughout the career life cycle.

Presenter: Paul King

Paul King Headshot

Paul King, Founder of Orion Development Group

Paul King is founder of Orion Development Group, one of the United States' longest free-standing BPM consultancies. He has dedicated the last three decades of his career to helping companies leverage their business processes to achieve dramatic, sustainable success. This work included process-based restructuring for both public- and private-sector clients.

Mr. King collaborates with the Executive Education arms of prestigious American universities to create their BPM certificate programs and related strategic curricula. He is a sought-after presenter of management and executive briefings.

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