6 Proven Steps to Drive Team Engagement in Process Improvement

  • Making process management part of everyone's everyday BAU is really the key to process improvement success. But even for organizations and teams with the best intentions this can be difficult to achieve. Lack of leadership, teams working in isolation & processes stored inefficiently all kill a collaborative process culture.

    You can change this.

    Watch this webinar with Promapp COO, Richard Holmes as he shares common signs of a weak process culture and 6 practices to help you create a sustainable process improvement culture

    Learn how to:

    - Spot the tell-tale signs of a weak process culture
    - Empower the real process owners
    - Engage everyone across the business in process improvement
    - Create and sustain a culture of continuous improvement

Presenter: Richard Holmes

Rich Headshot.jpg

Richard Holmes, COO, Promapp

With an extensive background in accounting and business transformation, Richard has helped many organizations around the world effectively navigate major change. This includes working with British Airways on major change projects in the UK. Prior to joining Promapp in  2002, Richard worked for KPMG Consulting where his focus was process transformation projects.

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