Delivering Innovation in a Complex Digital World

In the age of digital disruption, innovation is the name of the game. Organizations of every size and form every industry are struggling to create an innovative culture so they can rise to the top and be the disruptor - rather than the disrupted.

  • But is creating a culture of innovation genuinely possible in a technology-driven world that is getting more and more complex every day? It is, but only if you move beyond the idea of innovation as a moment of inspiration and instead see it as an experimental process founded in organizational discipline.

    Charles Araujo, Principal Analyst with Intellyx and Ivan Seselj, CEO of Promapp as they discuss how enterprise organizations can create a repeatable, innovation process in even the most complex organizational environments.

    - Why vagueness and uncertainty kill innovation
    - How demystifying an organizational operational model unleashes imagination
    - Why communication, transparency and engagement are the true drivers of the innovation process
    - How to create a process of innovation and embed it within your organization as you transform it for the future. 

Presenters: Charles Araujo

head shot of charles

Charles Araujo, Principal Analyst, Intellyx

Charles is an internationally recognized authority on “Digital Leadership” and shares his message of hope about the future of Digital Enterprises around the world. He is the founder of The Institute for Digital Transformation, a sought after keynote speaker and an advisor and consultant to both enterprise organizations and technology providers.  He is a regular contributor to both CIO Insight Magazine and InformationWeek and has been quoted in or published in magazines and websites including Time, CIO, CIO & Leader, IT Business Edge, TechRepublic, Computerworld, USA Today and Forbes.

Ivan Seselj
Ivan Seselj, CEO of Promapp

With a finance and internal audit background, and extensive experience in business process improvement roles across a diverse range of organizations and industries, Ivan has helped hundreds of organizations around the world develop and foster a positive improvement culture.

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