Demystifying process concepts and language.

Making process real for everyone.

Process rules how we do what we do every day. Or at least it should.
Increase your understanding of process concepts and language that explain what we do, how we do it, and whom we do it for. Learn about the benefits of a process-led approach and how it can drive improved business performance.

  • Phillip Palmer, Managing Director, Practise Group uses simple, everyday examples to:

    • Deconstruct the basic building blocks behind common process frameworks, standards and methodologies
    • Increase your knowledge and comprehension of the relationship between ‘consensus based’ standards and ‘best-practices' including ISO, ITIL, PRINCE2, PMBOK, Agile, Six Sigma, LEAN
    • Help you bridge ‘theory’ and ‘The REAL World’
    • Reignite the excitement, interest and fun (Yes, fun!) of process, standards and practices.

Guest presenter: Phillip Palmer

Phillip Palmer

Managing Director, Practise Group

A self-described “Service Management Evangelist and Process and Quality Purist,” Phillip Palmer has garnered praise and awards for his infectious enthusiasm and practical application of best practice guidance. 

With a broad range of industry experience, he has been educating and advising organisations for over 15 years.  Phillip’s specialities include assessing, establishing, educating and advising organisations on getting tangible results from the process-led approaches described within best practice frameworks (ITIL) and international standards (ISO 2000, 9001).

Phillip has held many specialist ITSM and senior management roles in his career, in Enterprise software, public utilities, government, finance, private banking, and management consulting.

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