Critical Lessons from Merging Councils

  • The promise of increased efficiencies and cost-savings resulting from mergers is highly attractive, but there are many risks and challenges involved when different organisations come together, even if just to collaborate and streamline services.

    Mergers often create an atmosphere of stress and uncertainty for staff, and in the case of the public sector, for the communities they serve.

    One way to manage such large scale change more efficiently is to establish a solid foundation before a merger takes place.

    In this webinar recording, Virginia Cross, Manager Program Delivery Support at Central Coast Council, Australia shares how they managed large scale change effectively when they became a “Super Council” with their merger with neighbouring council, Wyong Shire.

    Watch webinar recording to learn how these forward-thinking councils have:

    → Turned the merger into an opportunity to put their community at the centre of processes
    → Implemented a structured approach to identify, retain and leverage future best practices
    → Used process mapping software to facilitate the due diligence process
    → Given staff a feeling of ownership and confidence by actively involving them in process improvement 

Presenter: Virginia Cross

Virginia Cross

Virginia Cross BBus (HR), Manager Program Delivery Support at Central Coast Council

Virginia has over 20 years’ experience in continuous improvement in both the public and private sector. Her previous employers include The Smith Family, NSW Health and The University of Sydney Union, where her focus has always been on finding smarter and more efficient ways to achieve excellence. Virginia has worked at Gosford City Council for the past eight years and is currently working with the team that is merging the former Councils of Gosford and Wyong into Central Coast Councill

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