Food manufacturer ensures quality & efficiency.

  • AsureQuality are global experts in food safety & quality serving the food and primary production sectors. With, 1,700 staff across NZ, Australia, Singapore & China, join ventures in Australia & Saudi Arabia & customers in 40 countries it's critical their processes are streamlined to ensure quality & efficiency. 

    With a diverse businesses spread across the globe, AsureQuality found that although everyone was working hard to make their business better, they were doing so in isolation, lessons were not shared and there was too much rework happening. It didn't help that their processes were spread across folders, the intranet, Visio, flowcharts, manuals and procedures.

    Watch this webinar with Damian Light, Continuous Improvement Analyst at AsureQuality as he shares how they have:

    - Implemented a new approach to process management

    - Increased staff engagement in process improvement

    - Tracked performance with detailed process reporting

    - Made continuous improvement business as usual

    Plus, Damian shares lessons learned from the BPM Implementation including some of the successes & challenges they experienced along the way.

Guest Presenter: Damian Light

2015-08-15 Damian Light (dli5845) 1 smaller_V2.jpg

Continuous Improvement Analyst - AsureQuality

Damian is a leader, Manager & Operations Analyst, he has lead process improvement projects and initiatives from implementation through to delivery across the business. During which he has worked with external customers, internal operations teams and government regulatory compliance organisations. Damian is passionate about process improvement and his ability to understand an manipulate data & analyse results drives his key insights for informed decision making. 

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