Australian Council Drives Process Ownership & Engagement

  • Mackay Regional Council face the challenge of keeping 1,100 employees engaged across 32 programs, as well as maintaining a 7,622km squared area, 2,501km of roads, 1,655 water mains and 1,500 hectares of parkland in Northern Queensland.

    Process is key to running such a large scale operation. With increasing scale and complexity the council realised they needed to find better ways for their teams to work together.

    Processes were only mapped when needed and there was little planning involved. They were often saved as work instructions in various locations like Visio, Word documents and an existing software, without a centralized location available for everyone to access.

    They confronted these issues head on and quickly fostered an appetite for process mapping across the council.

    Watch this webinar recording with Sara Downes, Process Governance Officer, as she shares how Mackay Regional Council implemented a new approach to process improvement, including how they:

    - Successfully implemented a change management strategy and involved key stakeholders
    - Drove staff engagement in process improvement
    - Up-skilled staff and increased ownership of processes

    Sara also shares tips they learnt along the way including how they overcame challenges, including a Q&A session after the presentation.

Guest Speaker: Sara Downes

Sara Downes_250pxls.jpg

Sara is the Process Governance Officer for Mackay Regional Council and is leading the organisation's implementation of Business Process Management. Sara provides expert training and guidance in BPM, helping Council's programs to embrace a unified, resilient and transparent process improvement culture.

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