Process Essentials for 2017

Best practice recommendations to improve process performance

Many organizations struggle with fundamental process challenges such as team engagement, process ownership, change management and process standardization.

  • Watch this webinar with Steve Stanton, pioneer of process innovation and Managing Director of FCB Partners and Ivan Seselj, CEO of Promapp, as they share recommendations and best practice tips to improve process performance in 2017 and beyond.

    Watch this webinar to learn how to:

    - Simplify process management
    - Drive process standardization
    - Manage process variations & improve compliance
    - Increase team engagement & participation in process improvement
    - Get change practitioners & leadership teams working together to drive business innovation

Webinar Presenters

Steve Stanton

Steve Stanton, Managing Director, FCB Partners 

Steve Stanton is one of the pioneers of process innovation. His work is focused on improving the connections between processes, strategy, and governance and facilitating successful business transformation. 

Through his consulting, writing, and teaching, Steve has participated in the development of many of the most innovative and valuable business ideas of the past 10 years such as re-engineering and Process Management. 

Ivan Seslj

Ivan Seselj, CEO, Promapp

Leveraging his finance and internal audit background, and 10+ years’ experience in business process improvement roles across a diverse range of organizations and industries, Ivan founded Promapp in 2002. 

With his experience and passion for helping teams engage and improve their business processes and performance, Ivan has helped hundreds of companies around the world develop and foster a positive improvement culture.


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