How to build the foundation for process improvement success

  • Business process management is the back-bone of many successful organizations, the question is how did they initially achieve this? With so much information available it can easily become overwhelming when it comes to where or how to start the business process improvement journey.

    Watch this webinar recording with James Noll, Senior Manager at Satori Consulting as he answers these questions and outlines why taking a structured approach to current-state process analysis is the key to laying the groundwork for successful process transformation.

    James shares:

    - What are the standard phases of process management when it comes to forming a plan of attack
    - How to identify and define the catalyst for change
    - The three tools of business process management preparation 
    - How to create process analysis & business process models

    Get best practice & recommendations on how to get started on process preparation.

Presenter: James Noll

James Noll, Senior Manager at Satori Consulting

James has over 15 years experience optimizing business processes and technology platforms across multiple industries. His skills include breaking down and explaining complex processes and creating systematized steps. James has also authored hundreds of multi-functional, multi-user training documents. 

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