The Road to Recovery

Smarter Ways to Operationalize Corporate Disaster Recovery

Are you really prepared for that 'What-if' Situation?

  • When it comes to critical processes we often think about the ones we perform every day: like financial transactions, customer engagement, or the thousand other business-as-usual activities we regularly undertake on auto-pilot. But what about those we never think about? Those processes documented or tabled once in preparation for worse-case scenarios that may never eventuate?   

    In this webinar with Peter Carr, CEO of PCA, he shows how to use process management to:

    -Identify the true state of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity readiness within your organization
    -Set the platform for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning renewal  
    -Reduce organizational risk by breathing life into the tired old practice of Disaster Recovery.

Guest Presenter: Peter Carr

Peter Carr


Peter is the CEO of PCA. He is a skilled business technologist, business analyst and business consultant with deep experience in simplifying the practical application of complex systems within complex organisations. His broad industry skills have helped customers within the local government, education, social services, transportation, mining, resources, property and infrastructure, recruitment, finance, and technology sectors. With a long international-analyst background working for Longhaus, Forrester Research and Gartner (META Group), Peter’s broad view of global technology, its emerging trends and key suppliers provides his customers with a balanced independent view along the often long change-management journey associated with the selection, procurement and implementation of business solutions. His grounded and highly pragmatic view of technology within businesses delivers  practical and achievable outcomes for customers.

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