Tribal Group Discovers the Key to Delivering a Consistent Customer Experience

A BPM Case Study

  • Tribal Group is a global supplier of products and services to the education sector. With offices in UK, Canada, Middle East, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand they have customers in more than 50 different countries.

    With such a large-scale global business, consistency is key to their success. This was a challenge with process maps captured in Visio, on people's laptops or worse, in people's heads.

    Watch this webinar with Prue Beams, Transformation & Change Consultant at Tribal Group as she shares how Tribal Group successfully implemented a new approach to BPM to improve and standardise the customer experience across their global organisation. In this case study learn how Tribal Group have:

    - Improved knowledge capture and sharing across their global organisation
    - Ensured everyone has access to the most up to date and "best" process
    - Simplified the management of global processes with regional variations
    - Used Lean Tagging to conduct process optimisation workshops with their customers

Guest Presenter: Prue Beams

Prue Beams Headshot.jpg

Transformation & Change Consultant,

Prue has an extensive consulting background with over 15 year's experience. Her focus is in helping organisations design and shape their future operating models by developing an enterprise view of the business processes, solutions and capabilities required to meet strategic operating objectives and to promote innovation. 

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