How Konica Minolta is winning the process variation battle.

Learn how Konica Minolta is improving process transparency, compliance and control with a new approach to managing process variations.

  • Konica Minolta has an APAC regional imperative to standardize business processes. The initial program to standardize core processes on their ERP platform was successful from an IT Perspective, however the impact of different business process requirements at a local level caused real problems for business users, services levels and costs.'

    Learn how they are now allowing local owners to manage their process variations, while providing the APAC Region Centre of Excellence with visibility and governance of all regional processes, improving transparency, compliance and control.

    Neal Ross, Director, IT & Services at Konica Minolta shares how to:

    - Establish standardized core processes with control variations
    - Calculate the cost of process variations to their business
    - Improve process transparency, compliance and control

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