6 Steps to become a high performing organisation

  • Every business is different. You may already have many good people on your team and do a number of things well, but to become world class you must consistently outperform your competitors in whatever characteristics of your product or service that your customers most value.

    Organisations who achieve world class success follow a journey of continuous improvement, in environments where employee productivity is enabled through strong leadership, empowerment and training, supported by robust processes and management systems.

    Watch this webinar recording with INTENT Group Director, Ian Walsh as he shares his 6 recommended steps for creating a high performing organisation, including:

    - Setting your strategic direction
    - Developing a plan to support your strategy
    - Creating measures to keep you on track
    - Aligning your internal processes 
    - Forming teams to help drive business improvement
    - Managing your systems..

Guest Presenter: Ian Walsh

Ian Walsh_250pxls.jpg

For more than 25 years, Ian has been rolling up his sleeves and helping businesses all around the world to drive improvement. He has worked with a wide range of organisations, and understands deeply what is required to deliver and sustain improvement.

Ian has worked in many World Class manufacturing and supply chain environments, in industries such as beverage (including brewing), food (FMCG and ingredients), plastics, paper, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, transport (airports / airlines) and more. A qualified master black belt, Ian is passionate about Lean manufacturing, and the many benefits that businesses reap from adopting this approach. 

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