Risky business: understanding why process is critical to minimising organisational risk

  • Process mapping plays a critical role in building understanding throughout organisations of how things "should be done". While understanding how business processes operate is important, it is also necessary for organisations to understand how risk is managed.

    Watch this webinar recording to learn from James Goldsbury, Senior Manager, PwC Risk Assurance to understand how organisations can leverage business process mapping to better understand how risks are managed with assurance. 

    James will share lessons learnt and best practice recommendations including:

    - How organisations can enhance documentation to ensure that they have the right processes and controls in-place
    - Common pitfalls in documenting processes and controls
    - How management can obtain comfort and assurance that processes are operating as they expect
    - Four lines of defence - a concept within process mapping.

Guest Presenter: James Goldsbury

James Goldsbury_Headshot.jpg
Senior Manager

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