Process transforms production

  • Senex Energy Limited is an independent Australian oil and gas exploration and production company, with 30 years of operating experience, based in Queensland & South Australia.

    With a company vision of being Australia’s leading oil and gas exploration and production company they recognised their systems and processes must evolve to support the business. On-going issues including; a lack of standardisation without a single information depository, a mix of detailed & generic work instructions coupled with insufficient process quality, were all areas holding the organisation back from achieving this goal.

    Watch this webinar with Business Improvement Manger Gaurang Joshi at Senex Energy LTD as he shares how they transformed the organisation through continuous improvement, including how they:

    => Successfully implemented a standardized approach 
    => Engaged teams in process improvement & increased workplace efficiency
    => Empowered staff through process ownership

Guest Presenter: Gaurang Joshi

Gaurang Joshi Head Shot.jpg

Business Improvement Manager

Gaurang has been working in the Oil & Gas Industry for more than 15 years covering project management, process engineering, operations, consulting and general management. He joined Senex Energy Ltd in February 2012 as Project Engineer.

Gaurang’s current role of Business Improvement Manager encompasses technical assurance, risk management, change management and business improvement responsibilities. One of Gaurang’s recent project was to select a cloud based solution and optimise business processes at Senex.

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