City of Boroondara: Improving the Customer Experience

Local Government Knowledge Sharing Webinar

  • Find out what happened when City of Boroondara’s CEO issued a directive for the organisation to review all processes from a customer-centric approach.

    In this webinar, Kate Brewster, Continuous Improvement Coordinator & Chief Process Officer at the City of Boroondara, will share the results of their customer focused process improvement program and some of the lessons they learned along the way.

    Watch this webinar recording to learn how to:

    - Make the shift to customer-centric BPM.
    - Apply Lean thinking and customer experience principles to a service environment.
    - Ensure your process improvement efforts drive real customer value.
    - Maintain staff engagement in your improvement strategy.
    - Go beyond simply process mapping to drive process engagement.

Presenter: Kate Brewster

Image of Kate Brewster

Kate joined the City of Boroondara in 2005 and she is currently responsible for leading the implementation of the organisation's process improvement program. Kate has extensive experience in management consulting, continuous improvement, change management and performance reporting. She has a passion for empowering staff to deliver services that are valued by the community as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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